Reliance on traditional perimeter-based authentication mechanisms is ineffective. Data leaks happen; however, the cost to remediate a data leak is no less than the damage from a disgruntled employee or hacker. Encryption protects your data, but overlooked is the organizations ability to deploy and manage a successful and sustainable solution. We viewed the problem through a new lens, and are redefining expectations. We literally threw away the key.TM

EfemeralTM (patent pending) is a cryptographic system, which uses military grade AES-256 encryption, designed to secure your information by encrypting each data object with a unique per-object symmetric encryption key.  Our technology applies advanced quantum-resilient mathematics to ensure the cryptographic key is resistant to today’s hacks and tomorrows quantum attacks. Embedded Smart Policies ensure the key regenerating service only computes the key when the policy is met, permitting data to be securely shared across the cloud, web, networks or stored on the Blockchain. The key is transient, existing only long enough to protect your data or make it accessible.  As a result, there is no key to manage, store, lose or have stolen. 

An encryption key that doesn’t exist cannot be stolen

Enhanced data security designed to keep information safe

Military grade AES-256 encryption without traditional authentication

Securely share files across the cloud, web or networks

Secure file sharing with Smart Policies embedded into protected data object

As quantum computers improve in performance and the number of qubits used for calculations increases, current cryptosystems are under more threat of attack. AES-256 is believed to be quantum-resistant; therefore, quantum computers are not expected to be able to reduce the attack time enough to be effective if the key sizes are large enough. Efemeral’sTM key generating algorithm ensures maximum entropy by interlacing randomly generated mathematical surfaces to encapsulate a key component. The method permits the key to be deterministically recomputed only when needed – still requiring a quantum computer one billion years to break.

EfemeralTM runs on a multitude of platforms from small computing devices, closed network hardware-driven, cloud-based and hybrid-based solutions

EfemeralTM makes sharing your secure data a breeze.  A built-in policy engine allows fine grained controls over key provisioning.  You have ultimate control of your security without the hassle of managing another security tool. Smart Policies offer a wide range of use cases to define how your protected information can be made accessible.

  • Public domain filings can be protected until released, attested to a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) and released by a Smart Contract.
  • Legal documents can be held secure and unknown until released by a legal authority.
  • Public works project proposals can remain secure until solicitation closing date.
  • Restrict accessibility by any number of policy criteria, such as geographical location, multi-factor validation, computer process or control, etc.

Major governments, central banks, and financial powerhouses have recognized that Blockchain is no longer a buzzword

Leverage blockchain to streamline and simplify transactional work, digitally sign and immutably store legal agreements

EfemeralTM enhanced blockchain-based contracts have baked-in compliance, no surprises, and no room for misinterpretation